Hottest Rods NFTs
Public Minting is Live on January 18th, 8PM EST!


Thanks for stopping by! Please be sure that you are on If you want more information about the project or want to be involved in our community, hop over to our site or discord community.

Public Sale Price is 0.4 SOL


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Hottest Rods Homepage
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Current sale milestones!

We're doing some exciting giveaways as we progress through our sale. Subsequently, we'll be driving plenty of proceeds right back into the project to do additional development.


10 of our Hottest Rods will be given to random, lucky discord members.

We’ll announce the details of the contest at the time and we’ll mint and send some muscle your way!


We will make a donation to a local humane society in Pennsylvania in the amount of $5,000.

We’ve got a long line of dog lovers in the family.


We are working on a limited NFT run and will be giving 25 away to members who have bought at least 1 of our hottest rods.

Stay tuned for a sneak peak!


We will give away $5,000 to our members! Also, we’ll throw in a LAMBO! Well, at least an RC Car that looks a bit like a lambo — one of the fastest in the world, the Traxxas all-wheel-drive XO-1.